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Why Work For Dirty Cows

Dirty Cows Ltd is very proud to be a finalist at the National Business Awards for ‘Employer of the Year ‘

“We  offer our employees and their dependent children private healthcare and amazing company perks and privileges. “

 Great Employees Make Exceptional Businesses ….

At Dirty Cows we know that attracting the best employees to deliver our professional cleaning services is what sets  us apart and why our clients tell us we are heads and shoulders above the rest.

At Dirty Cows we know  if the dominant driving force of a business is to make as much money as quickly as possible then its focus is very firmly and narrowly in the profit margin alone. There are many examples of this in the cleaning service industry, both domestic and commercial, which has contributed to the poor pay and treatment of cleaners and directly driven down standards and expectations of the industry as a whole. The dominant driving force behind ‘Dirty Cows’ is, to be the very best UK service provider in the domestic cleaning and housekeeping market, to drive the cleaning standards and expectations up and eliminate the notion that cleaning for a living is an easy, low status, dead-end occupation that anyone can do. Much time, research and investment in the foundation years of the company provided us with a unique and thorough understanding that having engaged and enabled employees with meaningful livelihoods bring a creative energy and enthusiasm to our business that directly impacts on the success of the company.  At Dirty Cows nothing is more important to us and our clients than having the right like-minded employees to deliver our professional cleaning services.

What attributes does a great employee have and what is it like to work for Dirty Cows?

Dirty Cows have spent many years fine tuning a complex recruiting process to identify who makes an ideal employee and an exceptional cleaner. We have identified personality traits and trends that our most exceptional cleaners all have in common, in short they are; accountability, reliability, creativity and passion, adaptability and great communication and organisation skills. These traits are attractive to any employer and usually mean that the type of individual we look to employ will never have considered cleaning to high a standard for a living before and doesn’t know there’s a place for them at Dirty Cows. In fact most of our exceptional cleaners just happen upon us or hear about us from an existing employee which can make finding the right people a constantly changing and challenging process. Dirty Cows receives in excess of 250 applicants per month, but fewer than 15% are identified as strong candidates through our recruitment filters, this may seem extreme but when the reputation of your business rests with the calibre of your employees it is absolutely essential to be fussy. Any employer looking to attract bright, intelligent people, with plenty of common sense has to foster a creative working environment that encourages and utilises the talents and efforts of each individual employee. Dirty Cows prides itself on doing just this and treating people fairly, generously and respectfully whilst providing opportunities for development and promotion. We provide an extensive maintenance cleaning and housekeeping training and induction programme, recognise and reward outstanding work and achievements and pay additional monthly performance related bonuses as well as a premium hourly rate of pay. We invite our employees to vote on issues that are important to our company and we are very proud to be the first cleaning company to offer our employees and their dependent children private healthcare. We also know that there’s more to life than work- that’s why when you join Dirty Cows Ltd you’ll get your pick of our amazing company perks. That includes free phone insurance, a Taste Card, half price cinema tickets, discounts at supermarkets and high street shops and family days out at theme parks plus many more. As a Dirty Cows Exceptional Cleaner you will be part of an elite team of  professional cleaning and housekeeping staff and will benefit from being part of an experienced,  established and professional company. You can expect a comprehensive, permanent employment contract and set contracted hours that are designed to suit your own lifestyle and work-life balance. You will receive full and comprehensive training to clean to our trade-mark high standards. You will be extensively insured and health and safety trained. You will receive 28 Days paid leave per year and have all of the assurances that working for a professional company affords its employees including; travel reimbursement, maternity pay, sick pay and a pension,  as well as full support from our professional management teams. Dirty cows is very proud of the hard working and talented individuals that we employ to care for the homes and work spaces of our clients and it serves us very well to remember that our employees have chosen us as much as we have selected them.

What to  expect when applying for the position of  ‘Exceptional Cleaner’ at Dirty Cows ?

All applicants who meet with our essential application criteria should complete our first stage online application form. This is the most important stage of the application process as it’s what gets you noticed by our recruitment team. It is very important that you provide as much detailed information about yourself on your application and do not leave any sections blank. Our recruitment team is looking for professional, positive, reliable and committed personalities from all types of backgrounds and careers and not a casual  ‘It’s just a cleaning job’ attitude or persona and this always shines through on first stage applications.

Successful online applicants will be contacted and booked in for our second stage application process which is a telephone interview with a member of our recruitment team.

Successful completion of a telephone interview will move you to our third stage application process and you will be invited to attend a formal interview at our head office. Just prior to your interview, you will be asked to complete a pre-interview questionnaire and during your interview you will be given plenty of information about working for us and the time and opportunity to ask questions. Following your interview you will be given a   ‘Dirty Cows Exceptional Cleaner’   final application form which you must complete and return to us within 5 working days.

Once your application form has been received and reviewed , along with your pre-interview questionnaire our recruitment team will contact you in person by telephone to let you know if you are being offered the position.

Application Criteria


Must be very honest, trustworthy and reliable and have a positive and professional attitude.

Must be a good communicator and have an outstanding level of written and spoken English.

Must have exceptional organisational and time management skills.

Must hold a valid driver’s licence and have access to your own vehicle.

Must live within a 20  minute commute of Kingston Upon Thames in Surrey and be prepared to travel regularly.

Must have a very good level of physical fitness and be prepared for a physical role.

Must consent to a full and thorough background, working history and comprehensive police-check with full disclosure.


Experience of working for a professional company or organisation (of any kind or type, not just in the cleaning industry.)

Professional cleaning experience.

Creative skills, hobbies and interests.

Can provide examples of taking pride in your work and paying attention to the fine details of tasks.

 So…..if you are looking for more than ‘just’ a cleaning job we would love to hear from you.



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