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About Dirty Cows

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We Clean Yours Like It’s Ours



What we do

Dirty Cows is a modern, forward thinking, professional cleaning company that delivers bespoke, high-end cleaning and housekeeping services to our valued domestic and residential clients throughout the Surrey area. We provide three different types of cleaning service which we tailor to suit each individual client’s personal cleaning requirements. We are well known for our regular weekly/fortnightly and professional housekeeping and cleaning services but Dirty Cows is also the pioneer of the ‘Gift Package Clean’ and have spent many years crafting a unique selection of gift cleaning services for a range of special occasions and celebrations.

How we do it

Dirty Cows is a professional company and not an agency which finds self-employed cleaners work and we do not franchise out our cleaning services. These are very important distinctions to make when considering the right cleaning service for your home. As a company with over 10 years of professional experience, we know that there is nothing more important to a successful business than the quality of its service and the calibre of its employees. At Dirty Cows we know the only way to ensure the quality of each and every clean we deliver is to attract, fully employ and retain precisely the right people. We take a great deal of time, care and attention to ensure that all of our employees meet with our exacting company standards and to assure our clients that all Dirty Cows employees are comprehensively referenced, police-checked, extensively trained, insured and contractually obligated to clean to our trademark high standards. Our employees are as important as our clients and attracting the right people to our team is absolutely key to our success. Being a progressive employer is one of our primary and most valued company ethics, we recognise and reward the outstanding work and dedication of our employees and provide motivation and incentives for all of our team members. The dominant driving force behind Dirty Cows is to be the very best service provider in the UK domestic cleaning and housekeeping market and we have been instrumental in driving standards and expectations up and eliminating the notion that cleaning for a living is an easy, low status, poorly paid, dead-end occupation that anyone can do.We are very proud to be the first cleaning company to offer our employees and their dependent children private healthcare and amazing company perks and privileges.

Dirty Cows Ltd is very proud to be a finalist at the National Business Awards for ‘Employer of the Year ‘

Dirty Cows is very proud to be selected as one of only 10 finalists at the Lloyds National Business Awards for ‘Employer of the Year’. We have worked very hard to raise the standards and expectations for both our employees and our clients within the domestic cleaning industry, and we are very pleased to receive national recognition for this.

Dirty Cows Copyright

We feel it is always prudent to politely inform all visitors to our website about our copyright stipulations. Please be aware that Dirty Cows ltd is a registered company trademark and is protected by law. Our copyright protects our company name, company strap line, company image and cow-print trademark. It extensively protects our website content, products and all images, logos, photographs and text contained within it. Dirty Cows Ltd do not allow copy or duplication of any part of our website or products without obtaining full and express written permission from our marketing team. Please be aware that any images not originated by our company have been approved and licenced specifically for use on our website and neither Dirty Cows Ltd nor the third party licensee give permission for their duplication from our site. If you have a press or advertising enquiry and would like permission to use any of our company images, products or services online or in another publication please contact us at info@dirtycows.uk.com and we will be very happy to advise.

A Polite Notice To Competing Cleaning Companies Regarding Trademark and Passing -off Infringement.

Out of professional courtesy to competing cleaning companies and agencies we would like to inform all other businesses, new or otherwise, when visiting our website that we take Copyright, Trademark and Passing-off Infringement very seriously and will take legal action in every instance where trademark infringement and passing off has occurred. If you are setting up a new cleaning business or are re-branding an existing one and are visiting our site with the intention of replicating any part of our business brand, products, services, name, strapline, images, cow-print or association with any of the aforementioned then you will be in direct breach of copyright and may also be liable for trademark and passing off infringement. As a director of a new business it is your responsibility to check trademark directories and ensure that you are aware of copyright and trademark laws. Please be aware that when naming and branding your business that choosing a name that is similar to Dirty Cows or relating to cows in any way (within the cleaning industry) will expose you to passing off and trademark infringement . Whilst we are flattered that you hold our cleaning services in high regard, we would encourage originality and branding your own company with a unique name that cannot in any way be confused or misconstrued with Dirty Cows. We have worked very hard to raise standards within the cleaning industry and have received national recognition for this and we will not tolerate any dilution of our company name, image or branding in any instance.

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